d'vine ripe: fresh truss tomatoes

D’VineRipe tomatoes taste like real
tomatoes should taste – great!

D’VineRipe truss tomatoes taste like real tomatoes because they're ripened on the vine the old fashioned way; developing flavour and nutrients as Mother Nature intended. Grown in our state-of-the-art glasshouse at Two Wells South Australia, a 35 hectare facility with an annual capacity of over 15,000 tonnes, D’VineRipe truss tomatoes are available year round from January to December. 

To achieve optimum freshness, quality and taste D’VineRipe wait until just the right moment to pick our delicious tomatoes. Once picked, specially trained staff then pack and ship quality D’VineRipe truss tomatoes to outlets throughout Australia, often making the journey from the vine to plate within 24 hours.

Fresh, nutritious and full of flavour, D’VineRipe truss tomatoes are a memorable eating experience, for all the right reasons.

Fresh Tomato Fact

  • Glasshouse panes filter UV rays, sending useful light to growing tomatoes.


The glasshouse is a sustainable development incorporating innovative water reticulation solutions, energy efficient co-generation heating and an evaporative cooling system.
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Nutricious and delicious, tomatoes are a staple ingredient in the kitchen. Easy to prepare and with their bright red flesh, tomatoes add instant colour to any dish.
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Interested in a career with D’VineRipe? D’VineRipe values diversity in the workplace and encourages people from a range of cultural backgrounds to apply for positions.
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